Data beats emotions

Our “Ask a Head Hunter” series focuses on recruitment and your job search. This week we ask: which is more important, data or emotions?

“Data beats emotions” Sean Rad

When you prepare your CV then data beats emotions

You should give accurate and positive data to present yourself in the best possible way.

  • Specific: what you achieved in your previous roles
  • Quantifiable: backed up by numbers
  • Relevant: to the job and company you are applying to

Use (some) key words that exactly mirror the job title and responsibilities / expectations that were used in the JD.

Because you might have to get past an algorithm or someone with limited technical or market knowledge.

When it comes to the interview then emotions beat data

You should make the interviewer feel that you are someone they would like to work with and spend time with.

They should believe that you are interested and enthusiastic and that you want the job.

They should sense that you are a credible person and the data you give them (that fully demonstrates your ability to do the job) is genuine.

The best sets of data get shortlisted for an interview. Emotions make or break offering a person a job.

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