8 reasons we can’t wait to be back to the office

As global economies shut down in 2020 many of us have been “enjoying” our first work from home (WFH) experience. With circuit breaker and lock down measures easing over the coming months offices will be reopening, but that doesn’t mean things will immediately go back to exactly as they were. Twitter have announced that employees can WFH forever whilst Mastercard say employees in Singapore can WFH until a vaccine for COVID-19 is available.

Here are 8 reasons that we can’t wait to be back in the office after the circuit breaker:

  1. Improved productivity

Work from home has lead to massive reductions in productivity. How to get anything done when stuck at home with dodgy internet connectivity and kids, spouses and parents who think you are available and on call?

  1. Better health

Having access to gym, yoga studio and sports facilities near the office makes it easier to build exercise in to a daily routine. Mental health is sure to improve as well once we get out of the house and interact with friends and colleagues again.

  1. Improved communication

Over the last few weeks many have found that WFH communication to be challenging. Daily calls and virtual meetings that drag on and add little value. Colleagues who can’t use skype or teams properly. General lack of clarity and misunderstandings coming from unclear email communications.

  1. Employees are easier to manage in the office

Unfortunately a lot of people have been using WFH as a chance to skive. How do you even know what your team members are doing when they WFH? Have they been taking 3 hour lunch breaks, playing with kids and shopping online when they are being paid to work? Its far easier to monitor and manage employees in a physical office.

  1. Better teamwork and relationship building

There is no substitute for person to person interactions. Whether it is chatting at the water cooler, sharing lunch, or meeting to discuss a project it is during face to face interactions that we build relationship capital best.

  1. Access to talent

Sometimes it can be hard to sell a candidate based on a written JD and a few video calls. Smart sophisticated offices filled with attractive and productive looking people help to show the real opportunity beyond the job. Some candidates are reluctant to move without seeing the office and coworkers as this gives a chance to gauge the culture of the firm.

  1. Access to opportunity

Until a few weeks ago most hiring managers only had the experience of interviewing face to face. Many jobs have been put on hold because they wouldn’t be comfortable offering a candidate based on a video call. Meeting in the office gives these hiring managers more confidence to make a decision.

  1. Increased revenue

Many people like to know the company they are dealing with is reputable, established and financially viable. Inviting clients, vendors, investors etc to meet you in your smart office adds prestige and builds trust.


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